Thursday, 22 September 2011

turning Japanese, i think i'm turning Japanese...i really think so.

I have been collecting, for some time now (along with many other treasures) cutesy Japanese ceramics and pottery.  Mainly from the 60s and 70s, they seem to have the cutest little patterns on them, and occasionally I come across something crazy like the pussy cat feather duster above, isn't it just mad?!  I have an array of things from little pots and cups to usable plates and casserole dishes (even a little froggy pot that made it into to my fish tank :-). I think the passion began subtlely when I was handed down my first little coffee cup and saucer set from my mum.  Bright orange and white, no pattern as such but I just loved the richness of the colour.  Sad to say, today only one little cup remains, the rest have gone to mosaic heaven.  I'm loving the thrill of the hunt, and most of my finds come from Op shops or Thrifty stores.  I did one day dream to set up my own little second hand homewares boutique, but for now i'm toying with setting up an Etsy shop instead, i've just got to get my act together.  The biggest problem though?  Parting with any of these little finds, i tend to fall in love with them far too easily. Though perhaps I will keep them and maybe you'll see them pop up from time to time in some of my visual displays :-)

my most recent find, 4 side plates and a dinner plate for $3.50! Love the pattern, though the colour is more green than brown as seen in this pic.
flameproof, oven proof....straight to this little casserole with handle!
A trusty Mikasa i've had for years and years, from oven to table to dishwasher.  It's a little gem of a bowl!
this one just says "Japan", looks like it was missing it's lid...
i use it as a vase, love the pattern and colour.
"TEETIME" Japan...a little lonely cup I picked up, love the colour and pattern!

my froggy pot featuring Pip and Pop the Goldfish..:-)

the spark that set the fire alight: my original Schmid Kreglinger cup and saucer
in all it's bright orange loveliness!