Sunday, 18 November 2012

to market to market...

Yesterday I had the pleasure of my second Suitcase Rummage market at the beautiful Thornbury Theatre!

What a great concept!  Firstly you have to have your wares in a suitcase, hence the name.  Secondly the venue is a STUNNING old theatre - indoors so Melbourne weather can't crap all over you like it has a habit of doing, and lastly there is a bar! Yep, a bar.  So you can have a beer whilst you browse...good clincher for the fella to join you, no?  A shopping spree that not only is supporting local artisans and creatives, is FULL of vintage and reclaimed lovely thingys...but your fella might actually enjoy it to! ha!

Pretty much ideal :-) 

Next rummage is on December 16!

Where to find me...

Bang! Howdy partner...

Just wondering if you knew where to find me?

Yep...trying to keep up with the Social Media world, and all things lovely...

So you can find me at all the usual places, Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Pinterest and of course here! 

Love you to follow me sometime.  Maybe a chat and virtual cuppa too. 

Cheers y'all