Monday, 20 February 2012

..amid the chaos comes some australian beauty..

Chaos is abound in our home at the moment....we're moving house, there's a baby on the way, the little 4 year old is caught up in a whirlwind of change and, well, lets just say it's a little stressful and chaotic!  What better way than to throw myself into another shop window to unleash some of that tension! :-)

I'd barely just finished reading the recent, fabulous interview on TDF, my little daily read online over my morning cuppa about Emily Wright and nancybird when I received a phone call from Hukkleberry!  (you, too, can read the fab little interview here :-)

Hukkleberry in Canterbury, the humble little shop that stocks all array of lovely things, had just received their delivery of the gorgeous new nancybird range of bags, scarves and cushions and so were on the phone to me late Friday with requests for an urgent new window display!   My little brain (what's left of it currently?!!) went into overdrive and I found myself scouring parklands on the weekend for some lovely branches and gumnuts to enhance the gorgeous, very Australian inspired range for the window. 

Anyway i'm most happy with, what i'd probably say, was a bit of a last minute pull together!!  Check out the pics for yourselves below...and as a nancybird fan myself (I absolutely LOVE my wallet!) I must say I highly recommend you check out the goooorgeous new range, just the tactility of their leathers and silks are simply divine... sigh.