Thursday, 10 January 2013

Happy Vintage and recycled new year!

Well 2013 is here, blink and I feel like I completely missed 2012!  Well not really....but time just seems to be flying by recently....  Anyhoo Kimmy can dance is back with some gorgeous new Upcycled Vintage teatowel cushions and bags too - all available at Thomson Food Store Cafe!  You can like my page on Facebook and then, like theirs!  Thomson Street, Northcote, Melbourne :-)

Sunday, 18 November 2012

to market to market...

Yesterday I had the pleasure of my second Suitcase Rummage market at the beautiful Thornbury Theatre!

What a great concept!  Firstly you have to have your wares in a suitcase, hence the name.  Secondly the venue is a STUNNING old theatre - indoors so Melbourne weather can't crap all over you like it has a habit of doing, and lastly there is a bar! Yep, a bar.  So you can have a beer whilst you browse...good clincher for the fella to join you, no?  A shopping spree that not only is supporting local artisans and creatives, is FULL of vintage and reclaimed lovely thingys...but your fella might actually enjoy it to! ha!

Pretty much ideal :-) 

Next rummage is on December 16!

Where to find me...

Bang! Howdy partner...

Just wondering if you knew where to find me?

Yep...trying to keep up with the Social Media world, and all things lovely...

So you can find me at all the usual places, Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Pinterest and of course here! 

Love you to follow me sometime.  Maybe a chat and virtual cuppa too. 

Cheers y'all


Friday, 5 October 2012

It's a magical fairy forest..

New Tutu du monde dresses in store at Heather Brown Baby in Maling Road, Canterbury this week calls for a new shop window display.... Inspired by a magical fairy forest kimmy can dance brought together lots of green, some magic fairy toadstools and a surprise visit from Jeremy Fisher from Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit!  Lots of gorgeous plush fairies gathered together to finish off, another lovely window display.  I hope you enjoy :-)

Friday, 13 April 2012

a little British love including one iconic lovable bear.

Today's window display comes with a little love from ol' Blighty!  Paddington bears, and some red, white and blue were the inspiration for Heather Brown Baby's latest window.  A union jack or two, gumboots and brollys all set the scene for some primary colour loving and before you can say "chip butty" everything fell together for a bit of a salute to the motherland herself.  Cheers!

Friday, 2 March 2012

when the bunny comes a hoppin'

It's bunnies galore this week at Heather Brown Baby with Easter just around the corner, so what better inspiration than a magical bunny forest for the kiddies...  I delighted in creating a little emerald green oasis for these munchkin bunnies (which, were multiplying whilst i was there, i'm sure....)  with a bit of paint, astro turf, pots of Little Gem trees and my "mossy rocks" :-)  All framing some gorgeous little girl's smocked dresses,  then dotted around some vintage Golden Books (bunny/garden themed of course!) and voila! a "Magical Bunny Forest" was born.   

**No bunnies were harmed in the creation of this window display, I promise!

Monday, 20 February 2012

..amid the chaos comes some australian beauty..

Chaos is abound in our home at the moment....we're moving house, there's a baby on the way, the little 4 year old is caught up in a whirlwind of change and, well, lets just say it's a little stressful and chaotic!  What better way than to throw myself into another shop window to unleash some of that tension! :-)

I'd barely just finished reading the recent, fabulous interview on TDF, my little daily read online over my morning cuppa about Emily Wright and nancybird when I received a phone call from Hukkleberry!  (you, too, can read the fab little interview here :-)

Hukkleberry in Canterbury, the humble little shop that stocks all array of lovely things, had just received their delivery of the gorgeous new nancybird range of bags, scarves and cushions and so were on the phone to me late Friday with requests for an urgent new window display!   My little brain (what's left of it currently?!!) went into overdrive and I found myself scouring parklands on the weekend for some lovely branches and gumnuts to enhance the gorgeous, very Australian inspired range for the window. 

Anyway i'm most happy with, what i'd probably say, was a bit of a last minute pull together!!  Check out the pics for yourselves below...and as a nancybird fan myself (I absolutely LOVE my wallet!) I must say I highly recommend you check out the goooorgeous new range, just the tactility of their leathers and silks are simply divine... sigh.