Sunday, 18 November 2012

to market to market...

Yesterday I had the pleasure of my second Suitcase Rummage market at the beautiful Thornbury Theatre!

What a great concept!  Firstly you have to have your wares in a suitcase, hence the name.  Secondly the venue is a STUNNING old theatre - indoors so Melbourne weather can't crap all over you like it has a habit of doing, and lastly there is a bar! Yep, a bar.  So you can have a beer whilst you browse...good clincher for the fella to join you, no?  A shopping spree that not only is supporting local artisans and creatives, is FULL of vintage and reclaimed lovely thingys...but your fella might actually enjoy it to! ha!

Pretty much ideal :-) 

Next rummage is on December 16!

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