Monday, 21 November 2011

Not just for the dishes...

my little beauty find...I love the colours in this!

For a while now I've had an idea.  You know those ideas that just sit idle in your head?  They never leave, they never make it to fruition they just hover about in your head until something kicks you into action?  Yeah, one of them.  I found this fabulous retro linen tea towel many moons ago and made it into a cushion for myself...I just thought the colour and texture of it was far too fabulous to dry the dishes with and how could I turn into an object that I could use and admire daily.  I have, many times in the past framed things like this - especially wrapping paper I just couldn't STAND to destroy with sticky tape...but framing can be expensive and well, quite frankly, i've run out of wall space with all the lovely things i've collected in the past!  So ever since making my own little cushion, whilst on my thrifting adventures i've set about making a collection of the best, coolest retro linen tea towels that I could find - and trust me they are becoming FEW and far between, and now i've sent them to my "seamstress" (thanks mum!) who, over the coming weeks, will be making them up into lovely cushion covers that i'm excited to be sharing with you!   

So watch this space....I will endeavour to get some up online before Xmas (eek! hurry mum!) they are all one off (of course!) and will be unique in colour and individuality.  I hope you enjoy.... :-)

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