Thursday, 25 August 2011

...a bit of vintage love and my nan's trusty Singer!

...another new season and another new range to be Merch'd and I felt a vintage inspiration vibe....the new Nancybird handbag range channelling nature, vintage and some lovely patterns and textures.  Off I went with my little basket of inspiring goodies to see what I could create.  Firstly I gathered some old crochet doilies from the thrifty shops and sewed them together to make a "curtain"....after a few tweaks, it was up and looking lovely.  I trailed it down to meet a vintage Singer sewing machine so it gives the appearance that it's just been stitched together on the old girl....that old girl very dear to my heart, as it was my nan's and has been passed down to me...spesh :-) To complete my window I then worked in a gorgeous Peacock chair (from my own home!) and vintage crochet tablecloth and finished with some lovely fairy lights along window's edge.  All vintage touches lovingly placed together to highlight the Nancybird new season bags and silk scarves, divine.

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