Monday, 8 August 2011

..if it's interesting, Pin it!

Okay, i have a new addiction.  It's probably been around for quite some time already, and it seems i'm a latecomer, but i'm totally ADDICTED!  It's a new form of longer am I peering into other's relationship status's, friendships and the like, aka Facebook, now I am peering into other people's inspirations!  SO MUCH MORE FUN!  These, "Pins" in the form of interiors, foods or whatever categories you like. No more of this having to rat out the darn right boring, predictable and whingeing and whining...I now get to choose what I want to view.  Not only that, I can then share it with the world!  ahh!  It's got me seeking out the most inspiring pics I can find and i'm completely loving compiling my own little world via my own "boards".  Know what i'm talking about?  Not discovered it yet?  It's called Pinterest, and I love it!  If you get on, go and follow my boards.  Hopefully I'll inspire you in some way.  Then you can go on and inspire me right back....ahhh.

**don't forget to read the etiquette, this is a NICE place to be, so only respectful comments on peoples pins.  Credit your sources, avoid self's a pretty world, keep it that way :-)

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