Thursday, 30 June 2011

..did somebody say "Crochet?"

...who doesn't love crochet?!  I mean a few years back it was such a nanna thing, and then boom shanka, it's like taking over the world!!! But what a gorgeous way to take over the world!  My mum can do it, some of my girlfriends can do it, heck even my cat can bang a rug together (okay i'm stretching it a bit there...) but I CAN'T DO IT!  Not to say i've ever tried, but I dang well should cos it's everywhere...vintage crochet, new crochet rugs, scarves, tablecloths, dresses....there is no end to it, i've even seen a few trees covered in it..  Anyway I still love it, especially vintage bits I pick up occasionally here and there, although I have to admit my mum's ability to crochet her way through a huge blanket and pop it in the post to me just in time for Winter (and goodness gracious, it's working a treat on my freezing tippy toes right now!!) must take the cake.   Thanks mum, you're ace!  :-)

Check out this just beautiful little crochet blogspot.....sigh.

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