Thursday, 30 June 2011


I don't have a green thumb.  I do however, love flora, i'm just not very good at growing anything, or more so, keeping it alive.  That's why succulents are the best little piece of nature I can possibly have, cos the things are darn easy peasey to keep alive!  I also have a vast array of ceramics that I collect, Japanese from the 60s and 70s being my fav, but I also love ANY retro style crockery I can put my little hands on, Scandanavian, English, long as it's got good colour or pattern, BUT i'm very partial to Feng Shui in my home, so if any of these little lovelies gets chipped or broken, I have to move it out of the house immediately before I'm bestowed some evil ways of the world.  Being a particular lover of my "things" though I find it very distressing parting with anything that is still reasonably intact - (though i'm even guilty of keeping pottery pieces and making a mosaic in my backyard) Of course I always like to do my little bit to avoid adding to landfill so I decided to start filling every little vessel with a succulent off-cut, as these little babies grow roots so  dang easily.   The result is not perfect, nor amazing, but I just simply LOVE it.  It is my little garden made from love, and I love that each bit tells a story....I've even got the little one's first gumboots filled with soil and waiting ready for my next offcut to sprout :-)


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