Thursday, 30 June 2011

..a great little cause!

Oh...just got another email from these guys recently so wanted to share before i forget!  Have you heard of the Yellow Bird Project?  It's a fantastic little initiative, a  Montreal-based nonprofit company who work with a range of amazing indie rock musicians to create unique t-shirt designs.  They then sell them to benefit a variety of charities, each chosen by the musicians themselves!   I bought the coolest little colouring book from them for a friend for Christmas, filled with ace pictures drawn by the musicians to colour in - SO cool!   A very rad present....(did i just say "rad"? hmmmm). Check them out....their T-shirts are pretty damn ace too!  (ace, now that's a bit better than rad, isn't it?!)...  I'm so UN-cool, luckily I have discovered Yellow Bird Project? to help me with this.... :-)

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