Thursday, 30 June 2011

...i must confess...i do love a bit of hess..ian.

Just recently i celebrated a milestone birthday.  I went head first into it, organised my own party(ies) - with a bit of help  from my nearest and dearest...and they were both absolute blinding successes!  Actually I had the time of my life, celebrated with all the most important people in my life and I was overwhelmed with both parties (..exhausted by the end of what was 3 weeks of partying!) phew.  I decided early on that I wanted to mark the occasion(s) by giving a little handmade gift to each of my girlfriends.  Inspired by a handmade hessian bag given to me last Christmas by a crafty friend and so i toddled off to Spotlight to bag me some hessian.  From the moment I lay my hands on this gorgeously, aromatic fabric I was smitten.  What is it?  I can't really place it, but the stuff is so tactile, easy to work with, smells strangely earthy and lovely and well, lets just say I had a bit of a love affair :-)  I pulled out my Nan's trusty old Singer (she's should see her!  I'm still a bit dumbfounded how it ended up in my hands - a non-sewer of the family, anyway...) and there I began to create.  I then painstakingly (for me, you see, I have NO patience...) cut up one of my darling crochet doilies (bagged from yet another thrifty shop), hand sewed the florets on to each one, and then hand embroidered my girls initials onto each one.  I then filled  them with a little piccolo of bubbles and tied a handmade (i was on a roll...) thank you card around the neck.  All in the space of about a week.  Now thats an achievement for me, let me tell you.  Before you ask, yes they were received with absolute delight.  Mission accomplished. :-)

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