Friday, 1 July 2011

..a glass jar obsession.

I know it's been done before but lately i've been obsessed with re-using glass jars for styling little events, and even my most recent shop window.  Trust me, no empty pesto, pasta sauce or vegemite jar is safe around me! Before you can say "another one for the recycle bin" i'm soaking them in the sink and scrubbing the labels off with a scouring pad!  (Any sticky bits can be further removed with our trusty friend, Eucalyptus Oil :-).   Once clean - and I mean sparkling, no foggy bits allowed... the lights are barely out and i'm filling them with tealights and grouping them together to make little clusters, the more random sizes the better (i like three or four, all different heights or widths).....i'm completely obsessed!  Don't get me started on those little Italian juice bottles, I had them strung up and filled with fresh orchids before you could say "bellissimo!" Its just there is a certain rustic-ness about them, and the fact that you're doing your bit for the environment always helps too...  Try them at your next party, or dinner, or heck even just do it for yourself at home, to give it that extra special ambience. 

....there's something about glass and light that just does it for me...sigh.

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