Monday, 18 July 2011

anyone for tea?

Has anyone noticed there aren't many Vintage teacups out there anymore (when thrifting)?  I mean, Vintage  these days is a broad classification I guess, but I'm talking really olde worldy ones, you know pretty little  floral patterned, fine bone china, tea-cup-and-saucer teacups?  Or even 60s or 70s cutesy ones?... sigh.  On the flip side though there are some fabulously clever peeps out there doing something very AMAZING with these, slowly disappearing, tea cup and saucers.  Take Gregory Bonasera for instance, his light installations are just gorgeous and clever...and then of course there's several folk dabbling in candle making out of them...such as this little online shop making teacup candles in the UK, and this gorgeousness a little closer to home, with a name like Whiskers Lane how could you resist? meeeeooooooooooow!   I mean what about this little DIY project to make your own tea cup bird feeder!   Pretty quirky huh?!

These are just a few i've stumbled across in my travels....feel free to share anymore you've seen, it's inspiring and very very clever.

In my browsing I did come across this fab little page from the US of A, called Domestic-Construction.  I just have to share it with you.  Their "Domestic-construction" apartment is well, just my cup of tea (pardon the pun :-)...I also love their little opening philosophy, they are doing some fantastically, inspiring creative projects and they will even make tea cup chandeliers to order!  ....go on you know you want to....sigh.

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