Tuesday, 12 July 2011

...i'll buy that for a dollar!

In a recent grocery stop I found these awesome little lemon (and apple!) storers, for a buck!  Yep, folks, One dollar each! Eek!  Think of all that horrid cling film you can do away with!  Love love love it!  Clearly though I should have used some of the lemon juice on the apple first, before storing it....hmmmm.

Lemons, lemons everywhere...it seems there's an overload of the lovely little yellow things at the moment.  Every little Thrifty shop I visited today had some on the counter...4 for a $1 and some even free (which i found after paying for some, doh!!)  

So with my little storers, and a string bag full of golden juicy ones, it was time to make some  "memomade"  (or 'lemonade' to those that don't quite catch on to 3 year old speak).  It's her favourite "treat" to drink at the mo.  So whilst we're not quite ready to set up a stall out the front garden to sell to passer by's....(and i'm unsure we'd get a roaring trade mid-Winter out in these here hills!!)  I would like to compliment my little concoction, it kept some of us happy, and well, it didn't take too much effort neither.

Lemons, water, sugar....stir.  Add more sugar, or water, and keep on stirrin' Mmmmmemondae!

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