Wednesday, 27 July 2011

hillbillies come to town

...another shop window and this time I couldn't help but bring out a little bit of country.  With some vintage inspired rustic jugs, character ducks and terracotta potted flowers for inspiration I went off on a hillbilly whim.  I searched high and low for a preloved little wheelbarrow and already had this little bike at home, for my props.  I even threw in my daughter's first little faded gumboots, planted up with some greenery just for fun. Just add some dirt and straw and there you have stylin' in the middle of little ol' Canterbury!  Fun!  I also got to play with some gorgeous Samantha Robinson porcelain, and as this stuff is so divine itself, I just used the plain white background to highlight it...

...enjoy?  Immensely!  Loved it.

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